Our monthly lottery is a Win-Win for clubs and players

My Club Wins is a monthly lottery helping cricket and football clubs raise much needed funds with generous prizes to players and clubs. Tickets are £5 a month - lottery players can buy up to 20 tickets for each draw - and 50% of funds raised are donated back to clubs, providing long-term sustainable revenues. It's a fun, no risk, no cost, digitally accessible lottery. Clubs sign up first and then lottery players join by going to their Club page.

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How It Works

Is your club looking to generate a long-term, sustainable revenue? Look no further - join MCW and get started today. With MCW, players can win great prizes, while your club benefits from 50% of all proceeds!

Why Clubs Should Sign Up

MCW is run entirely online with simple and accessible sign-up processes. There are a number of powerful reasons for your club to sign up to My Club Wins and grow your income. Click here to find out...

Got A Question?

Do you want more detail about how MCW works for your club? The big questions have been pre-answered to make the whole process even smoother for you. If you want to know more, this section is for you.

Promote MCW

After your club has signed up, you'll need to spread the word to recruit lottery players. We have a pre-made poster, so just click here to download and get printing, or even post it online. You'll also find more top tips on digital promotion here too.

How it works

My Club Wins is a monthly online lottery designed to help generate long-term, sustainable revenue for your club.

Why sign up?

With minimal admin and no setup costs, the MCW Lottery is a quick win for your club, generating income 24-7.

Got a question?

Check our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about My Club Wins and how it can work for you.

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Once your club has signed up and been set up, download the poster templates to promote your club to players.

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