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How My Club Wins Works

Do you encourage responsible gambling?

We’re committed to operating our lottery in a safe, secure and responsible way. If you are concerned about your gambling, we recommend contacting the BeGambleAware helpline on 0808 8020 133 or visiting their website at BeGambleAware.

If you feel like you may have a gambling problem and would like to exclude yourself from playing the My Club Wins Lottery, you can download our lottery self-exclusion form and return this to us via email (

The Concept

What is My Club Wins?

My Club Wins (MCW) is a new online society lottery with a monthly draw that takes place on the last Friday of each month. Developed to help community sports clubs raise much-needed funds, it offers players (those who enter the monthly draws) an opportunity to provide funds to their local club, while giving themselves a chance to win generous prizes.

How does MCW work?

Individual sports clubs register online to join MCW and are provided with a bespoke digital club-page for enlisting players to support their club project. Clubs enlist players from the club membership, its wider networks and local community. Players pay £5 per ticket per monthly draw for a chance to win generous cash-prizes. Clubs are treated as MCW’s “good causes” and receive back 50% of all revenue they generate though their particular MCW project page. Clubs can also win additional promotional cash and non-cash prizes.

Can any club take part in MCW?

In the first instance MCW is engaging only cricket clubs. Within a few months of launching, MCW will open up to football and other sports. To be eligible to take part, a club must be formally constituted, run by an elected Committee or Board, have a bank account in its own name and be affiliated to a governing body, league or competition.

Are there any other requirements of a club?

We expect clubs to ensure they have 25 players enlisted in support of their MCW project from the outset and that they commit to grow the number of players so they can derive maximum benefit. We’d like all clubs to aim to have at least 50 players within 6-9 months of joining MCW but suppose that many will comfortably exceed this. In the event that a club falls short of these expectations, its players will still be entered for the draws but we will work with relevant clubs to support them in growing their numbers.

We are a cricket / football or sports-related charity. Can we take part in MCW?

Yes, provided that you are registered as a charity with the Charity Commission in the UK and have filed at least one set of accounts.

Who is involved in MCW?

The MCW lottery is promoted by SportSupport CIC, a not-for-profit Community Interest Company licensed and regulated in Great Britain by the Gambling Commission. Its two current directors are Tim Lamb, former CEO of both the England & Wales Cricket Board and Sport and Recreation Alliance, and Richard Peel, former Director of Corporate Affairs at both the England & Wales Cricket Board and at Camelot. Nick Gandon, former Director of the Cricket Foundation and MCC Board member, is Company Secretary and responsible for project implementation and development.

SportSupport CIC has engaged Sterling Management Centre Limited as the External Lottery Manager for MCW. Licensed and regulated in Great Britain by the Gambling Commission Sterling is a highly reputable business with years of experience in the society lottery sector.

SportSupport has also partnered with The Club Cricket Charity (CCC), the charitable arm of the National Cricket Conference, The Amateur Football Combination (AFC) and with specialist social media partners. CCC, AFC and our social media partners will assist SportSupport CIC in promoting MCW to community clubs.

What due diligence has been undertaken on SportSupport CIC and on Sterling?

In holding Gambling Commission licenses, both SportSupport CIC and Sterling Lotteries have been subject to due diligence and strict regulation. Sterling is subject to an annual external audit against the Gambling Commission Remote Technical Standards (RTS), and its Random Number Generator system has been tested and certified by a Gambling Commission approved test house.

The Process

How does my club register to become part of MCW?

An authorised member of your club’s Committee, Board or Management Group is appointed as a MCW Club Champion and registers the club on the MCW website When registering the MCW Club Champion will be asked to provide their own name and contact details (Main Contact) and also those of one other club member willing to act as a second MCW Club Champion (Financial Contact). He or she will be asked to confirm that your club meets eligibility criteria, to confirm that the club accepts the Terms & Conditions and has read and understood the Game Rules and to provide details of the club’s bank account into which “good cause” money will be paid.

What are the Club Champions’ roles?

Club Champions have two roles. The first is to be a point of contact and to receive information relating to MCW generally and in particular to the progress of your club’s MCW project. The second is to support the internal promotion of MCW across your club. Ideally one of the Club Champions should be “tech savvy” and familiar with websites and social media.

What happens next?

When registering your club, the MCW Club Champion will be asked to provide a copy of the club’s logo, a photograph and to confirm how the club intends to deploy its “good cause” funding. Once your registration is approved, these will be used to create your club’s own bespoke MCW club page on the MCW platform which can then be shared extensively to enlist player registration. Your club’s bespoke MCW page will include a sign-up section in which individuals can purchase a single £5 ticket or up to a maximum of 20 tickets in any one monthly draw.

What other promotional materials will my club receive?

Clubs can download posters from the MCW website which they can ‘personalise’ and post prominently. We will also continuously offer advice about how to enlist, sustain and grow the number of players and share good news stories. We recommend that you social media as a prime communication method.

How will my club know how our MCW project support is progressing?

The two Club Champions will be advised by SportSupport CIC on a fortnightly basis about the number of players registered to enter the upcoming monthly draw. They will also receive a monthly report following each draw detailing the “good cause” money to be paid to your club.

Do players sign up every month to enter the monthly draw?

Tickets to enter MCW’s monthly lottery are purchased exclusively by Direct Debit. Players making Direct Debit payments can opt out at any stage.

Given that tickets are purchased via Direct Debit, how long does it take for a new player to be entered into a monthly draw?

When a new player first subscribes, it will take 10 working days for the Direct Debit to be set up. Players will receive an Advance Notification email confirming their first Direct Debit deduction date. Tickets paid for by Direct Debit will be entered in the first available draw taking place after the third working day after the Direct Debit collection has been successfully taken from a player’s bank account.

Are there restrictions about who can register as a MCW player?

Players must be a minimum of 16 years of age and be residents in Great Britain (excluding Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, Isle of Man or BFPO addresses).

Can a player subscribe for more than one ticket?

Yes, the Game Rules establish an upper limit of a 20 tickets per player for any one monthly draw.

Can a club (rather than individuals) subscribe for tickets?

Yes, provided that the tickets are held in the name of an individual club member and are purchased in batches of no more than 20 tickets per person.

The Prize Fund & Other Prizes

What percentage of revenues is made available for prizes?

In total 20% of total proceeds is allocated to the Prize Fund for the lottery prizes. A further 5% is set aside for other promotional and discretionary prizes which are awarded to clubs against criteria published in advance in the News section of the MCW lottery website and via social media channels.

What is the prize structure?

There will be three prizes awarded each month, the top prize equating to 10% of total revenue generated by the MCW lottery across all clubs in the previous month, the second 7.5% and the third 2.5%. The top prize is likely to range between £2,500 and £12,500 once MCW has become established. The prizes are guaranteed to be won and there are no “roll-overs”. This means that the size of the Prize Fund is in direct proportion to the number of entries in each monthly draw. For instance, monthly prizes of £25,000 will become available when the total number of entries in the draw has risen to 25,000.

In the very first draw the top prize will be £400, one second prize of £300, and one third prize of £100.

What are the odds of winning a prize?

The odds of winning a prize depend on the total number of individual players entered into each monthly draw. If, for instance, there are 2,000 Tickets purchased, the odds of winning the top prize is one in 2,000 and of winning any prize one in 667; if 50,000 Tickets are purchased, the odds of winning a top prize of £25,000 is one in 50,000, while the odds of winning any prize is one in 16,667. Each month we will publish the total number of players who entered the previous month’s draw.

Will the value of prizes to be won in the upcoming monthly draws be published in advance?

Yes, updated details of all prizes for the following month will be published on the MCW website in the Prizes & Results section at the beginning of each new month. They will also be published via social media channels and via a link to each club’s MCW page.

When will prizes be paid to winners?

Prize winners will be contacted by SportSupport within one week of the draw. Prizes will be paid within two weeks by direct payment into a winner’s bank account in line with the details held on record by Sterling.

Good Cause Payments

How frequently will my club receive its share of the “good cause” money?

Your club is paid its share of “good cause” funding on a monthly basis with a direct payment paid into the club’s bank account at the end of the month following the relevant draw.

MCW Overheads

If 50% of revenue is given back to clubs, 20% allocated to the lottery Prize Fund and 5% for discretionary promotional prizes, how is the remaining 25% applied?

The remaining 25% of proceeds is allocated to the administration, operation and promotion of the lottery. This includes website hosting, running the draw, paying out prizes, answering email queries, marketing, Direct Debit management (including processing and collection) and the processing of club and player sign-up.

Clubs Engaged

How can clubs find out about other clubs registered for and actively engaged in MCW?

The names of registered clubs will be continuously updated on the MCW website where individual club-pages can also be found.

The Benefits

In addition to receiving 50% of revenue raised through its success in enlisting players in “good cause” funding, what other benefits does MCW offer clubs?

As well as receiving 50% of revenue generated by an individual club’s supporters through its MCW project, a club will also be eligible for additional discretionary promotional prizes and other non-cash prizes. The criteria for these additional prizes will be published in the News section of the MCW lottery website and via social media channels at the beginning of each month prior to the relevant draw.

Is MCW different from other lotteries?

Society lotteries are legally required to commit at least 20% of revenues to “good causes”. Whereas The National Lottery provides 28% and the Health Lottery only 20.3% to “good causes”, MCW delivers 50% of total revenue in “good cause” funding to clubs. MCW also provides additional discretionary promotional cash prizes equating to a further 5% of overall revenue, alongside other non-cash prizes.

SportSupport CIC a genuinely not-for-profit Community Interest Company, its Directors and officers are genuine sports people. They are steeped both personally and professionally in sport and understand the importance of amateur sport to communities.

Not only is SportSupport CIC providing 50% of MCW’s total lottery revenue to clubs and making additional discretionary prizes available to clubs, SportSupport is committing to deploy profits that will arising from MCW once scale is achieved by making grants to sport-related charities.

How much can my club reasonably expect to generate each year through MCW?

Much depends on the size of the club and its effectiveness in “selling” MCW to club members, friends and the wider community. However, a club would generate £3,000 a year, year-on-year in “good cause” funds if it enlisted and retained 100 players who each purchased one £5 monthly ticket.

How can my club spend the “good cause” funding we receive?

Your club can spend the “good cause” money in whatever ways you choose provided that this “advances amateur sport” or fulfils some other exclusively charitable purpose. For instance, you can spend “good cause” funds on facility improvement or development, coaching activities, equipment, outreach activity, etc. We recommend that your club identifies in advance activities you will fund through MCW in order to motivate wide-scale participation.

How does MCW compare with clubs’ existing fundraising schemes?

Some clubs have effective 100 Club schemes or something similar. However our recent survey of clubs tells us that these clubs are in a minority. Regardless, MCW offers an effective, low-maintenance fundraising scheme without administrative and regulatory burdens which are managed by Sterling and SportSupport CIC. There is no cash that clubs need to collect and manage. Because MCW can be promoted instantly online via websites and social media channels, clubs can quickly reach large numbers of potential supporters. Also, because registration and payments are made online, it is equally easy for players to register to enter monthly draws and provide long-term, continuous support for your club.

Costs & Risks

What costs are there to my club in taking part in MCW?

There are no financial costs whatsoever. There are no set-up fees; everything is provided free of cost, including having a bespoke club-page created on the MCW platform. Clubs should nonetheless aim from the outset to have 25 players entered for each monthly draw, and then to aim to grow numbers.

What risks are there to a club in taking part in MCW?

There are no risks whatsoever. The sums returned to clubs and sums allocated to the Prize Fund are based on fixed percentages of overall revenue generated through Ticket Sales. All revenue is held securely by Sterling in a dedicated client account. We guarantee that payment of “good cause” funds to clubs and payment of prizes will be made exactly as prescribed.

Does my club have any legal liabilities when participating in MCW?

None, apart from those relating to a) the protection of personal data of your club’s players which will be shared with your club so that your club knows who is supporting your club; and to b) your club’s ensuring that the “good cause” funding you receive is spent exclusively in ways that advance amateur sport or that fulfil any other charitable purpose.

This sounds too good to be true. Is there a catch?

There is no catch. MCW is completely cost-free for clubs and risk-free. All we require of your club is that you promote MCW responsibly, encourage as many club members, friends and people from your local community to enter the draws and that you aim to grow your MCW project to make it a great success for the club.

Are all MCW funds held securely?

All funds are held by Sterling Management Centre Limited in a separate bank account in accordance with the requirements of Gambling Commission licences and can be used only for the purposes of MCW.

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