These Terms & Conditions explain the Agreement between clubs and SportSupport CIC. Clubs are asked to confirm their acceptance of the Terms & Conditions when registering to join My Club Wins (MCW).

Obligations of SportSupport CIC

1. Once your club’s registration is approved, SportSupport CIC will provide your club at no cost with a bespoke web-page to be used by clubs to enlist lottery players (those who enter MCW’s monthly draws) who support your club through your MCW project.

2. SportSupport CIC will, via Sterling Lotteries, pay to your club “good cause” funding equating to 50% of the revenue generated through your club’s MCW project by the end of the month immediately following each monthly draw.

3. SportSupport CIC will make available additional discretionary promotional prizes to be awarded against criteria published in advance of the monthly draws.

4. SportSupport CIC will advise your club about prize-winners supporting your club and will ensure that prize money is paid, via Sterling Lotteries, to them within 2 weeks of each monthly draw.

5. SportSupport CIC will share with your club the personal details of lottery players supporting your club through your club’s MCW project.

6. SportSupport CIC and the Club Cricket Charity will be continuously available to provide advice to your club’s Club Champions and to address any issues and concerns that your club might have.

7. In the event that your club withdraws from MCW, SportSupport CIC will enter all players supporting your club for all subsequent draws until their Direct Debit payments expire or are stopped.

Obligations of registered clubs

1. Representatives of your club have read and understand the MCW Game Rules, the Privacy Policy and these Terms & Conditions.

2. Your club confirms it is formally constituted, run by an elected or appointed Committee or Board, has a bank account in its own name and is affiliated to a league or competition and, therefore, eligible to take part in MCW.

3. Your club understands SportSupport CIC’s expectation that, from the outset, each club registering for MCW should aim to enlist 25 players to enter the monthly draws and that, thereafter, each club will aim to grow the number of lottery players and that it will make reasonable endeavours to fulfil these expectations.

4. Your club will promote MCW responsibly, aiming to ensure that only eligible players aged 16+ enter the draws and that anyone considered susceptible to gambling problems is discouraged.

5. Your club will manage personal data (relating to individuals supporting it through your club’s MCW project) shared by SportSupport CIC in line with your club’s Privacy Policy and it will ensure that individuals whose data is shared can opt out of receiving further information from your club if they so choose.

6. If your club has issues or concerns relating to MCW, it will address these directly with SportSupport CIC in order to resolve them and it will do nothing that might bring SportSupport CIC or the Club Cricket Charity into disrepute.

How it works

My Club Wins is a monthly online lottery designed to help generate long-term, sustainable revenue for your club.

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With minimal admin and no setup costs, the MCW Lottery is a quick win for your club, generating income 24-7.

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